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Short bio (in few dates)

02/1975    Birth in Normandy

09/1997    Bachelor degree in Physics (University of Paris VII)

09/1998    Master degree in Medical Imaging (from University of Angers)

11/2001    PhD in Computer Science about Multiple Description Coding by Mojette Transform (University of Nantes)

12/2002    Post-doctoral position at Paris Sud Telecom (interaction of medical imaging over low bit rate networks)

09/2004    Associate Professor (Maître de Conférences) at Polytech Nantes, University of Nantes

04/2010    Visiting researcher at Monash University (School of Physics)

06/2015    Defense of my 'Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches' (HDR), University of Nantes

Since 2004, I am member of IRCCyN (Institut de Recherche en Communication et Cybernétique de Nantes). I am currently contributing to the future LS2N (Laboratoire des Sciences du Numérique de Nantes) with the ReStoS team project.



error control coding, distributed storage, networks, image and video communication


FEC4Cloud (ANR Grant, 12-EMMA-0031-01), Jan. 2013 – June 2015 (30 months) : new erasure codes for distributed storage architecture. Partners: IRCCyN (head), ISAE (with Jérôme Lacan), SATT Ouest Valorisation, Rozo Systems. I was the project coordinator. More details here.

P2PWeb (Région Pays de Loire / OSEO Grant), March 2010 – Dec. 2012 (30 months) : hybrid model (client-server and P2P) for a new web browsing. Application to live video streaming (P2PWeb-Live). Partners: TMG (head), LINA (with Patricia Serrano-Alvarado), IRCCyN. More details here.

SEREADMO (ANR-RNRT Grant, ANR-05-RNRT-0028), Sept. 2006 – Nov. 2009 (36 months) : secure routing for mobile ad hoc networks. Partners: Thales (head with Eric Grall - now at Keeme), XLIM-SIC (University of Poitiers), Keosys, IRCCyN. Main results MP-OLSR (currently Internet Draft at IETF in MANET- WG).

Selected Publications

Le code à effacement Mojette: applications dans les réseaux et dans le Cloud, Benoît Parrein, Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches (HDR), University of Nantes, June 2015 (in French).

The Mojette Erasure Code for Distributed File Systems, Dimitri Pertin, Benoît Parrein, Nicolas Normand, ACM EuroSys (poster session), April 2014, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Distributed File System based on Erasure Coding for I/O Intensive Applications, Dimitri Pertin, Sylvain David, Pierre Evenou, Benoît Parrein, Nicolas Normand, 4th International Conference on Cloud Computing and Service Science (CLOSER) 2014, April 2014, Barcelona, Spain.

Multipath Optimized Link State Routing for Mobile ad hoc Networks, Yi, Jiazi; Adnane, Hassiba Asmaa; David, Sylvain; Parrein, Benoît, 10.1016/j.adhoc.2010.04.007 Ad Hoc Networks, (2011-01-01) 9 1 28-47.

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PhD Students


Bastien CONFAIS (CNRS fellowship starting in October 2015), co-advised with Adrien Lebre. Topic: Fog storage: energy consumption, placement and security.


                        04/22/2016 - Dimitri PERTIN (CIFRE with Rozo Systems starting in April 2013), co-advised with Nicolas Normand. Topic: Discrete geometrical erasure coding for the Cloud storage.

09/27/2012 - Dan RADU, co-advised by Adina Astilean from Cluj-Napoca Technical University (Romania). Efficient communication strategies for mobile ad hoc networks (defended at Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania).

11/09/2010 - Jiazi YI, co-advised with Jeanpierre Guédon. Multiple paths routing protocols for mobile ad hoc networks (now at LiX as permanent researcher with Thomas Clausen).

02/12/2010 - Fadi BOULOS, co-advised with Patrick Lecallet. Audiovisual traffic with QoE: error characterization, associated discomfort and protection mechanisms.

Post-doctoral fellows

Asmaa ADNANE (security on ad hoc networks), now Senior Lecturer at University of Derby, UK.

Majd GHAREEB (video over P2P networks), now at Lebanese International University, Lebanon.

Alexandre VAN KEMPEN (erasure code and distributed storage), now at Myriads team, IRISA.

As organizer: IEEE ISIVC 2012 (one special session), colloque stockage informatique (JSUN 2016)

As Technical Program Committee (TPC) member: ICCVE 2013, 2014, TAPEMS 2016

As attendee: Rescom Summer School 2016, Compas 2016



Image coding


Out of work

Sailing, diving, drums.

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