Nasser Karam (PhD student)

Topic: texture simality metrics for video coding

Yashas Rais (PhD student)

Topic: short term quality metric for video coding

Romain Cohendet (PhD student)

Topic: relationship between memorisation and emotion in media consumption

Filippo Mazza (PhD student)

Topic: Aesthetics assesment

Lukas Krasula (PhD student- jointly with Technical University of Prague)

Topic: No reference Image quality assessment for post processing

Pierre Lebreton (PhD student- jointly with Tlabs/ TU Berlin)

Topic: 3DTV QoE, Perceptual Depht Indicators


Jing Li  (PhD, 2013)

Topic: Methods for assessment and prediction of QoE, preference and visual discomfort in multimedia application with focus on S-3DTV

Lu Zhang - Ge (PhD jointly with LISA Angers, 2012)

Topic: Numerical Observers for the Objective Quality Assessment of Medical Images

Junle Wang (PhD, 2012)

Topic: From 2D to Stereoscopic-3D Visual saliency: Revisiting Psychophysical Methods and Computational Modeling

Chen Wei (PhD, 2012)

Topic: Multidimensional characterization of Quality of Experience of stereoscopic 3D TV

Abhijit Sarkar  (PhD, 2011)

Topic: Identification and Assignment of Colorimetric Observer Categories and Their Applications in Color Science and Vision

Fadi Boulos (PhD, 2010)

Topic: QoE oriented supervision of multimedia streams , transmission errors taxinomy, related annoyance and  protection mechanism

Sylvain Tourancheau (PhD, 2009)

Topic: Motion Blur perception on LCD panels and impact on image and video quality of experience

Alexandre Ninassi (PhD, 2009)

Topic: FR video quality analysis (spatial, temporal and ROI) for video compression

Stéphane Péchard (PhD, 2008)

Topic: Quality of Experience in HDTV services: subjective assessment and objective metrics

Olivier Le Meur (PhD, 2005)

Topic: Visual attention on displayed still and moving images: models, performances and applications

Mathieu Carnec (PhD, 2004)

Topic: Objective quality assessment of color images based on a generic perceptual reduced reference

Junle Wang (MSc, 2009)

Topic: relationship between visual attention and region of importance 

Chen Wei (MSc, 2007)

Topic: Psychovisual digital watermarking of H264 encoded video sequences 

Enrico Marini (Msc, 2006)

Topic: subjective and objective assessment of  the distortions related to watermarking systems

Olivier Brouard (MSc, 2005)

Topic: psychovisual control for JPEG2000

Alexandre Ninassi (MSc, 2005)

Topic: image quality assessment using watermarking techniques 

Stephane Péchard (Msc, 2004)

Topic: psychovisual controf of spatial mode prediction in H264 

Yap Wooi Hen (Msc, 2004)

Topic: Reduced Reference Objective video quality assessment for lossy coding and transmission error using time-delay neural networks 

Fabrice Alleau (Msc, 2003)

Topic: Iime-delay neural networks workshop and features extration on videos