Conférences à l'IRCCyN

PNVAVHE 2011 : IROS Workshop on Perception and Navigation for Autonomous Vehicles in Human Environment

Autonomous driving and navigation is a major research issue which would affect our lives in near future. The purpose of this workshop is to discuss topics related to the challenging problems of autonomous navigation and of driving assistance in open and dynamic environments. Technologies related to application fields such as unmanned outdoor vehicles or intelligent road vehicles will be considered from both the theoretical and technological point of views. Several research questions located on the cutting edge of the state of the art will be addressed. Among the many application areas that robotics is addressing, transportation of people and goods seem to be a domain that will dramatically benefit from intelligent automation. Fully automatic driving is emerging as the approach to dramatically improve efficiency while at the same time leading to the goal of zero fatalities. Theses new technologies can be applied efficiently for other application field such as unmanned vehicles, mobile service robots, or mobile devices for motion assistance to elderly or disable peoples. Technologies related to this area, such as autonomous outdoor vehicles, achievements, challenges and open questions would be presented.  

Date Le  30 septembre 2011
Lieu IRCCyN, Nantes

RTNS 2011 : 19th International Conference on Real-Time and Network Systems

The purpose of the conference is to share ideas, experiences and informations among academic researchers, developers and service providers in the field of real-time systems and networks. RNTS 2010 is the 19th edition of the conference formerly known as RTS (Real-Time Systems, Paris). The 12 first editions of RTS were french-speaking events held in Paris in conjunction with the RTS Embedded System exhibition. Since its 13th edition, the conference language of RTNS is english.

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Date Du 29 septembre au 1er octobre 2011

Lieu IRCCyN Nantes, France