Teaching at IRCCyN

Doing PhD at IRCCyN

The IRCCyN has a strong reputation for undertaking high quality research at PhD level across a wide range of areas within the cybernetics disciplines.

The IRCCyN provides excellent facilities and resources for PhD students. This includes access to library resources, office space, computer facilities, and experimental equipments. Our PhD students also receive excellent support from academic supervisors who are leaders in their fields, and a large number of highly qualified and motivated technical staff.

Goals of PhD Research

The PhD degree involves three years full-time research. The main aim of the PhD programme is to provide graduates with the skills to conduct independent research at the highest level. The thesis presents an original contribution to knowledge or understanding in the field of study, and meets recognised international standards for such work.

Condition of Entry

For entry to one of PhD programmes in which the IRCCyN is involved, a student should:

    • have achieved the master research degree or its equivalent in a related field.
    • find a supervisor, within the IRCCyN teams, who is proposing a PhD research subject ( see proposal)
    • have a financial support during the three years of the thesis. This can be obtained either by the IRCCyN, or the supervisor or the student himself. The following site gives an idea about the different scholarships available in France http://www.andes.asso.fr

Finally, we recall that the tuition fees during the PhD study are about (500 euros per year).



The IRCCyN plays a leading role in the Postgraduate studies (Masters and PhD) of its associated institutions:

    • It takes part in the supervision of the thesis of masters and PhD students, and provides them with excellent scientific environment for the preparation of their thesis.
    • It ensures up to date high-level courses.
    • It looks for the financial support for the PhD students
    • It looks for the professional development after finishing the thesis.

The IRCCyN is the unique supporting laboratory of the "Control Engineering, Robotics and Applied Informatics" master course.

The quality of this master has been recognized by the European Union by supporting the Masters course EMARO in the framwork of the programme Erasmus Mundus.

The Institute is also taking part in the following masters :

    • SMA : Sciences Mathématiques Appliquées
    • ORO : Optimization in Operations Research
    • Psychology

The IRCCyN is committed in hosting PhD students from the previous masters. About 60 students are preparing their master thesis in the IRCCyN. About 25 PhD students are enrolled in the different teams and projects of the IRCCyN per year, thus about 80 PhD students are working at IRCCyN.

The PhD registration is managed by one of Doctoral schools of Nantes :

    • STIM : Sciences et Technologies de l'Information et Mathématiques, ED503
    • SPIGA : Sciences pour l'Ingénieur, Géosciences, Architectures, ED498
    • SHS : Sciences Humaines et Sociales, ED507

The IRCCyN welcomes many foreign international and French trainers from engineering schools and universities.