A software package for the symbolic modeling of robots

The software package SYMORO+, "SYmbolic MOdeling of RObots", is the outcome of the research activity of the robotics team of the IRCCyN in the field of robot modeling.

The main characteristics of SYMORO+ package are :

  • generation of the symbolic models of the different models used in design, simulation and control of robots: direct and inverse geometric models, direct and inverse kinematic models, direct and inverse dynamic models and inertial parameters identification models.
  • the use of a unified notation to describe serial, tree structured or closed chain robots.
  • computation of the dynamic model of robots with a reduced number of operations enabling its use in real time simulation and control.
  • calculation of the identifiable inertial parameters, called also base parameters, for open and closed chain robots by symbolic and numerical methods.
  • the codes of the generated models can be directly used by Matlab, Mathematica, C, Fortran, Maple.


Technical Informations : PC-Windows.
Software : SYMORO+ is developed using Mathematica system.
Manager : Wisama Khalil
Technical Support : Philippe Lemoine
Research Team : Robotique
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