Driving simulator

The IRCCyN has a fixed-base driving simulator that uses the SCANeR simulation engine SCANeR.

Simulateur conduiteTpt

The cockpit is composed of half of a car dashboard, a 5-gears gearshift lever, 3 car pedals, for acceleration, brake and clutch. It is equiped with an active steering system based on a real TRW EPS (Electric Power Steering) for a realistic "scale one" force-feedback. It also enables the development and evaluation of driving assistance systems that directly intervene in the control of steering.

The simulator is connected to a set of PCs and three LCD screens, which generate a 115° wide visual scene, with additional audio and haptic feedback.


The SCANeR sofware enables control of traffic and scenario events, advanced setup of car dynamics and recording of a large body of data. This includes data from our IviewX gaze and Smarteye Pro trackers.


Manager : Franck Mars
Technical support : Robert Boisliveau et Denis Creusot
Research Team : PsyCoTec
Contact : Franck Mars
Link :
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