Control and Observation for Non Linear Systems


Goal of the package : A symbolic tool for Analysis and Control of Nonlinear Systems using Maple

ContentsStructural Analysis of nonlinear systems - Relative degrees - Zeros at infinity - Nonlinear Interactor - Essential orders Application to nonlinear systems Control :

  • Decoupling control via Dynamic Compensator
  • State and input-output Linearization via feedback,…
  • Observers design via transformation to linear system via transformation and input-output injection.

SAC A New projet : a free software package with Maxima Because of the non stability of each release of Maple language, we have stopped to develop NOLIACPA with Maple at release 8. Now a new project is developed using the free stable software Maxima. The NOLIACPA routines are translated and new results are added on time delay systems, etc ...SAC

Responsable : Alain Glumineau
Support Technique : Alain Glumineau
Equipe(s) : Commande
Contact : Alain Glumineau
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