A software package for the geometric calibration of robots

The GECARO+ software package, "GEometric CAlibration of RObots", is the outcome of the research activity conducted by the IRCCyN robotics team in the field of geometric calibration of robots (estimation of the exact values of the geometric parameters of robots). It allows to the simulation or experimentation of several geometric calibration methods. For each method, it calculates the identifiable geometrical parameters.

The following methods are integrated into GECARO+ :

  • standard methods requiring an external sensor to measure the position or location (position and orientation) of the terminal link.
  • a calibration method involving a sensor to measure the travel distance of the terminal point between two configurations of the robot.
  • autonomous methods using only the joint sensors. These methods are based on realizing mechanical links such as point-point, frame-frame or point-plane.


Technical informations: PC-Windows.
Software: GECARO+ is developed within MATLAB environment.
Responsable : Wisama Khalil
Technical support: Philippe Lemoine
Research Team : Robotics
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