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The IVC team has a visual attention platform. This platform allows to work on the visual attention with material and software which record the eye gaze and analyze it to generate saliency map or other information on visual attention.



1- Binocular, 500Hz with 3D content

Eyetracker1 min

The more powerful systems can work in binocular mode up to 500Hz. These properties allow to evaluate the impact of 3D contents. It also allows to work on the differences between the both eyes.

2- Monocular, 50Hz with HD content

Eyetracker2 min

Monocular systems allow to work on 2D content (or 3D content) to record the eye data to create some saliency maps or detect the area of interest and so on..

3- Monocular, 1250Hz system

Eyetracker4 min

It is also a monocular system, so it has the same specificity as describes as above. The Hi-speed system, which can go up to 1250Hz, allow to have a very good temporal precision when the goal is to measure some psycho-visual properties.

4- Head-mounted system

Eyetracker6 min

The Head-Mounted system allow to move. It is one of the advantage of this equipment.

5- Binocular, 60Hz Remote system

Eyetracker5 min cadre

The Remote system allow also to move but the possibility is quite limited (stay seat on a chair for exemple). The data of a camera scene are used to analyze the eye data.

All of the systems are synchronized with the displaying of still images, videos from QCIF (or less) to HD and 3D contents (images and videos).

There is the possibility to have a quality assessment without any loss in the data eyes precision allow by an "eye notation".

Some analysis tools allow to generate saliency maps for each observer and/or for all of them. The data of both eyes can be analyze to measure the effect of 3D content visualisation for exemple. Another possibility is to evaluate the path of the strong eye compare to the path of the other eye.

All these ressources allow to measure the impact of the degradation position, the area of interest to have a robust protection or whatever.

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