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Presentation of team MeForBio

MeForBio (Formal Methods for Bioinformatics) is a bioinformatics research team focused on the formalization and automatic reasoning over data and processes from biological systems with temporal features. MeForBio is particularly oriented to develop frameworks and methods that model and analyze biological systems. The team mainly focuses on:


  • The complexity of the dynamics of living systems
  • (Non-deterministic) simulation and (Complete and global) reasoning over a model describing a biological system.
  • Modeling the steady state response of a perturbation over large-scale biological system.
  • Integrating high-throughput experimental data in large-scale biological regulatory network
  • Automatic formalizing knowledge in repositories of biochemical reactions


Methodological keywords:

formal methods, model-checking, stochastic simulators, constraint solving, logic programming

Systems Biology keywords:

gene regulatory networks, signaling networks, microarray data, phospho-proteomics data, experimental design, pathways databases

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